Download Parallel Space Lite apk For Android App

Download Parallel Space Lite apk For Android App

Download Parallel Space Lite apk For Android App

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Parallel Space Lite is an app that lets you make a clone of any app that you have installed concerning your device. Like this you can counsel two accounts from one app simultaneously. In new words, you can have two Facebook, Tinder, or Clash of Clans apps dealings at later than, each back a every second account.

The way Parallel Space Lite works is utterly within realize. Basically the app creates a full independent virtual setting that lets auxiliary apps control inside them. This means you can have one app admittance twice concerning the linked device and handle two substitute accounts simultaneously.

Parallel Space Lite

Another sure issue just roughly Parallel Space Lite is that it takes occurring totally little impression approaching your device memory: just 7MB. Plus the app doesnt pretentiousness root privileges, thus you can mean it upon any Android device. That said, Parallel Space Lite does demand an massive number of privileges, because it needs all the joined permissions as the apps that manage inside it.

Download Parallel Space Lite apk For Bwst Android Apps


1. Fully compatible as soon as Android 10
2. Optimized the overall performance of Parallel Space.
3. Fixed some known bugs.
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Parallel Space Lite is a totally interesting app. Thanks to this you can run simultaneous accounts as soon as any adding together app installed a propos your device, which can be particularly useful regarding speaking certain social networks or video games.

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