How to Run Amazon Ads...2020

How to Run Amazon Ads

How to Run Amazon Ads.

Lots of guys right here in this video I want to talk to you about Amazon advertising and a recent strategy I've been using in both seller Centrals, campaign manager and arms. So this pretty much applies to you across the board, whether you're a seller, central selling FPM, FBA, or maybe you're an CDPR and you have access to AMS, or if you're an Amazon merch and you used your invite code and you haven't gotten started advertising yet, this would also be relevant to you as soon as Amazon reopens. 

Let me walk you through this strategy. So the strategy I am using, I'm going to call it my low ball bid strategy. It's probably not original, although I just decided to go ahead and try it recently because with the surveys of sickness and, you know, a lot of things changing at a pretty rapid pace around the world, including in the e-commerce landscape, I started to notice that the bids that were required to get visibility on my products were not as high as they used to be. 

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So I said to myself, like, hmm, maybe I should kill some of my advertising campaigns that normally run and run well and just remake them with really low ball bids and see if it gets any traction. Well, it got some traction. It didn't get a ton of traction, but some is better than none, especially when we're looking at axes of like less than 10 percent, you know, single digit like this one above. 

My head up here is for my that FBA product where I had a record sales day the other day. And even though I only got a couple of sales, you know, at three point three, accosts is really good. And for those of you that don't know what a cost is, it is the advertised cost of sales. So a good example to clear this up is if you're selling a product at one hundred dollars and you have a 30 percent profit margin, you're a accosts needs to be deducted from your profit margin per sale to generate those sales. 

So if I have a cost of, let's just say three percent, then I take the 30 percent profit margin to three percent if we use 100 dollars as an example. Nice round number. Our profit margin normally was thirty dollars per sale. Now we have to deduct that extra three percent. 

So that's going to remember the three percent is from the sale cost, the sale price. So three percent of one hundred is three dollars. So instead of thirty dollars profit, we have twenty seven dollars profit. Just to clarify that, but I've been using this in both arms and campaign manager and seeing some success, not like crazy success where this is groundbreaking, but at the same time there's really no downside to doing this. Make More Money

Take your most successful keywords and well go ahead, pause this video, grab you a list of your most successful keywords or just keywords you think are most relevant for your product and then unpause the video. I'm going to walk you through very quickly how to get an advertisement or an advertising campaign up and running. I'm going to use campaign manager as the example, but Ames is very similar. 

So if you're only advertising in Ames, maybe you're doing CDPR, this would work just as well. All right. 

step number one, 

all you have to do is create a campaign that could be an Ames or campaign manager and campaign manager. Guys in Sellar Central, just log in, look at advertising and then campaign manager 

step two, 

I click sponsored products for this example. 

Step three under CREATE Campaign. 

You're going to want to name your campaign something that makes sense to you. Start today. And I typically leave no end date daily budget. I set a high budget because we're going to be low balling our bids. So if we're able to spend a high budget at the lowball bids, we're going to be doing that's very good. So I don't want to limit it by budget. So I put twenty dollars in and then change targeting from automatic to manual. We're going to give Amazon the keywords that we want to show up on. 

All right, campaign bidding strategy, dynamic bids down only, so that means that we can get visibility at the price we specify or less. And I love less, but we're going to be lowballing them. So we probably won't get much cheaper than what we're going to be willing to bid.

 All right. Next, 

create an ad group again, put in something descriptive. Apologies. I'm going through this pretty quickly to keep this video short. In my courses. I go much more in-depth and I get very methodical about naming conventions and all that. 

But I just want to breeze through this really quickly. Most of you guys have probably already set up advertising campaigns and don't need this tutorial anyways. But for those of you that haven't, I just want to show you how easy it can be done. 

All right. Next products. All you have to do is search your product name or ASON. If you're in seller central, it's going to limit the scope to products that are in your account. If you're in Ames and you're like me and you got in through Vendor Central, you can look up any product on Amazon's catalog, which is really cool. 

All right, once you've added your products targeting, you're going to want to do keyword targeting, I have messed around with product targeting that used to be called a product display ads than they Akst product display ads and they just rolled it up under a targeting section. So they're constantly evolving and making changes to the advertising platform. That one's probably a good one, though. I would. I'm in favor of that one. But we're going to do keyword targeting. 

All right. Now we need to enter our list of keywords. This is definitely how I like to prioritize. Like, if I'm going to be setting up ad campaigns, I much prefer to provide Amazon the keywords that I want to be spending money to to show up on. Not that auto targeting campaigns aren't useful, which is the alternative of manual targeting, but manual targeting all the way. Humans know humans typically better than our algorithms do. So and list this is where you're going to copy paste your list now by default, under match type, you're going to see broad freeze and exact checked at the same time. 

Uncheck broad uncheck phrase, just check exact. Now there's nothing wrong with doing brought in phrase typically in addition to exact, I almost always like to split them up and then adjust my bids for each because exact is going to be our most expensive but also highest performing keywords. Usually in this case, what we're really trying to do is reduce wasted ad spend and you're going to get more waste with broad match type and phrase match type. By the way, again, I don't want to get super into the weeds. 

I could I could make this like a 30 minute video about advertising. I'm going to try to keep this one short. Just know that with exact match type, it's what it sounds like, exact string match. So customer types in iPhone seven case, we bid on exact match keywords, iPhone seven case, we're eligible to show up if our bid wins. It is worth keeping in mind that. OK, by the way, after you put your keywords in, you'll have an option, a little button underneath. Make More Money

It looks like it got cut off in my screenshot, but you'll have an option to add keywords. When you do that, you will be able to set the bids. Now you'll notice that Amazon will give you a suggested bid. The suggested bids are almost always much higher than they need to be to get visibility, so just always keep that in mind. 

You don't always have to go off of the suggested bid. Keep in mind, guys, this isn't going to be ground breaking news, hopefully to any of you. But at the end of the day, Jeff Bezos, he wants to make money. He wants to rule the world right. And then he's going to take Blue Origin and he's going to go to Mars and probably try to rule Mars, too. 

So I don't even know if I'm kidding when I say that. Look at Blue Origin. If you didn't know, he's up there with, like SpaceX and Virgin Galactic with his own, like, outer space programs. But anyways, I digress. He wants money. So, of course, the suggested bids are higher than they need to be. We don't care what we're going to do for this low ball strategy. And I apologize. 

The screenshots actually a little confusing. We're going to bid like 10 cents or 11 cents or 12 cents. We're going to keep it extremely low. The lowest I typically go is 10 cents. Now, depending on what platform you're on, you may be able to bid as low as like two cents. 

I think in campaign manager, the limit, the low, lower limit, I think is ten cents. But in AMS, if you want to go for a two cent bid, I'm pretty sure they let you do that with two pennies. You may not actually get any visibility, but with ten cents, as I showed you in those earlier screenshots, I'm actually getting conversions and accosts, you know, single digits by bidding ten cents. And just keep in mind, guys, Amazon's platform just like similar to Google's, which is the biggest advertising platform in the world. Make More Money

It's a bidding system. And we are bidding for visibility in those advertised spots against each other. And the people were bidding against if their campaigns run out of budget maybe early in the morning, you know, because the budgets are set on day to day basis. 

So maybe in the morning through six p.m. at night, they're dominating us because they're getting all their budgets spent because they outbid us. What about after 6pm p.m. when they when they spend their whole budget, though? Amazon still wants to get paid. 

Bezos still wants to get paid. You know, Internet real estate, a.k.a. the advertising spots on on the Amazon platform, they can and are being monetized and Bezos is getting more money in his pocket. Right. So then all of a sudden, even if we come in with lowball bids, their algorithm is still going to say, hey, these are the only ones eligible to be served, put them in there. 

And next thing you know, we're generating clicks at ten cents a pop, getting more people to our listings and hopefully converting. 

And as you guys know, Amazon, it's a flywheel effect. It's a it's almost like a feedback loop where if you are getting clicks that lead to sales, you are also getting rewarded by better organic rank. Better organic rank means more visibility, which means more clicks and more sales. Make More Money

And it literally just feeds on itself. So obviously our ultimate goal for all of our products is to get to the organic rank, one spot on the most relevant keywords. Advertising is a great way to get there because we're just getting increased visibility. How to Run Amazon Ads

And you know, what is in Amazon's customer journey look like literally search, find by step one. They search, they don't see our product. There's a zero percent chance that they're going to click it. 

And if they don't click at zero percent chance, they're going to buy it. So not to insult anybody's intelligence, I'm just saying advertising is very important. So now that we've added our bid, the last thing you'll see, you get a chance to do negative keyword targeting.

Normally, I would say, if relevant to your product, include negative keywords here, like if you're selling something that's the color blue and you know that there's similar products that are also sold in red, but you're only selling blue, maybe you put a negative exact or negative phrase, probably negative phrase of the word red. 

Right. That would make sense. But in this case, who cares? We're paying 10 cents per bid. So I'm not suggesting to even use negative keyword targeting because we're we're low balling these CPC bids so much. 

All right. Step 11. All I have to do is click launch campaign guys. It was that easy. And if I didn't talk so much, I probably would have done a lot quicker. How to Run Amazon Ads

All right. Before I wrap the video, just wanted to let you guys know that Weeble is giving away to free stocks just for signing up. The crazy thing is, unlike their competition, that will give you free stock worth like five dollars there. 

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So links in the description, if you want to check that out, also supports the channel. So thank you. And just another reminder, guys, I breezed through this tutorial in my courses, like my dropship print on demand course or my MBA course. 

I have at least in each one four different lectures going over advertising where I'll explain how it all works much more. You know, slower and methodically. I talk more in-depth about manual versus automatic, broad frase, exact cetera. I break all those things down, naming conventions. I go into campaign manager as well as OMS and I break down advertising approaches for the different ad types. Run Amazon Ads

In this example, we talked about sponsored display ads, but there's other ones. My favorite one is sponsored brand ads. I was blanking on the name because they used to be called Headline Search Ads. 

They're the ads that show up at the very top of search results. But you have to be in brand registry normally to run those. But they they they perform extremely well. So anyways, guys, thank you for watching this video till the end. Remember, if I can do it, so can you. There's literally nothing. I'm just you from the future, right? You're excited about starting your business. 

All you need to know is what to do next. Hey, I can help you. Links in the description if you want to learn how I grew my FB business from zero dollars to seven figures, my print on demand business six figures annually, Amazon, ADP. I sold three thousand five hundred dollars worth of profit in the first ten weeks and Amazon merch. 

I'm into your twenty thousand. I've sold just under a quarter million dollars through Amazon merch platform. And just a reminder not to toot my own horn, but I did it all while working a nine to five and working a second job teaching web development at a local university three classes per semester. 

So yes, I'm busy. I don't let that be an excuse to not get stuff done. If it's important to you, just go ahead and do it anyways. Guys, I'm ranting. Thank you for watching. Till the end. Hit that like button. Hit that subscribe button and I'll see you at the next one.